Masaki "Caellum" Kadobayashi, Designer of FICC Inc, founder of Magnity, is a Kyoto based Japanese Visual Designer creatively fostered in Kyoto & Osaka City.

Caellum is the Japan-based studio of Japanese designer Masaki Kadobayashi.
A member of FICC Inc, and founder of Magnity.
My specialties is Matte painting, VFX, Visual Design, Editorial, Interactive.

Works on this page are not available for licensing (all rights reserved).
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A website for "FICC KYOTO" has been launched.

Produce: Yuuki Muramatsu, Hiroki Tatsumi
UI Design: Masaki Kadobayashi
Front-end + Back-end Development: Tomohiro TsuTsumi, Yuuki Taniguchi